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    Firework NEC

    Question, does the NEC indicated on a firework just tell you how much explosives is in the firework or does it include all powder in the firework. For example Firework contains 100g NEC but weights 1KG now does that mean there is 900g packaging or would there be other powder that's not...
  2. M


    Anyone know when Makro start selling this year? we had a cracking display last year with all the cheap and nasty stuff but this year will be doing most the shopping at makro as they are cheap and really good. also does anyone have a sneak preview what they will be selling?
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    macro at new years

    Having been to Macro this weekend to finnish off my display, I have decided i should have got everything from them as they are better quality fireworkd than supermarkets and they cost less for alot more. so new years disp;lay will be from Macro for sure, Does anyone know when they start selling...