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  1. Pyrobrummie

    Very sad news

    So sad to hear this news. Thoughts with the family. Rest in peace Chris.
  2. Pyrobrummie

    Morrisons Fireworks Review

    That's what I call broken Britain I'm afraid. Seems people try to find things to accomplish that don't need accomplishing. Makes them feel worthy or successful of some kind. Such a shame.
  3. Pyrobrummie

    Information Blackpool Championships Meet

    Fair play ant lol
  4. Pyrobrummie

    Typo Of The Year 2019: The Results

    Sorry its a bit late guys, thank you and thanks to @Somersetpyro for the competition, always a good laugh. Well done @BulletProofMum lol an absolute classic there! Here's to the next 10 years of typos and pyro! :cool:
  5. Pyrobrummie

    Black Friday at Latifs

    Appreciate the video Jimmy!
  6. Pyrobrummie

    Firework Purchases 2019

    12pm is a bit early isn't it mate? :p
  7. Pyrobrummie

    Alton Towers fireworks: Blaze breaks out at display

    That's worrying, good job no harm done.
  8. Pyrobrummie

    Tomorrow night's bonfire display

    Enjoy yourself Anthony mate!
  9. Pyrobrummie

    Firework Purchases 2019

    Good man lol ;)
  10. Pyrobrummie

    Firework Purchases 2019

    Surely you haven't used all your stash yet mate? Lol
  11. Pyrobrummie

    Fireworks you have fired/tested tonight

    Cheers mate! Really enjoyed it yeah, just feel as though people on the area are firing less each year whereas I'm firing more lol. Not like it used to be like, I think people have spread the firing out into different days this year too so not one full night of noise lol
  12. Pyrobrummie

    Fireworks you have fired/tested tonight

    Boy did I get through some nec tonight lol Celtic 6 pack Celtic flash harry Celtic colorful crossetes Celtic beijing blitz Celtic bite me Jorge thunder salute cake Zues psychedelic fountain Black cat titanium fountain Tnt enchanted Cube shivas cone Cube shivoo cone Bright star fantastic...
  13. Pyrobrummie

    Happy bonfire night everyone

    Have a good night everyone and stay safe :)
  14. Pyrobrummie

    Possibility of having to postpone 5th Nov firing - advice please

    I'm really sorry mate to hear of the struggles your family is going through it must be a hard time for you all. I know a lot of people will be firing on this weekend as last weekend was a washout for many. Nevertheless as long as you are firing safely and it is a family event then there is...
  15. Pyrobrummie

    Fireworks you have fired/tested tonight

    Go and put them on her door mat with a note reading delivered to incorrect address so returning to sender! :ROFLMAO:
  16. Pyrobrummie

    Fireworks you have fired/tested tonight

    I'm disappointed in you vlad. You need to fix that then mate! Get out there and light the dam things! :WTF
  17. Pyrobrummie

    Fireworks you have fired/tested tonight

    So I've just fired the evolution jupiter selection box and can confirm it is a brilliant box! The best effects I have ever seen in fountains from a selection box including very strong blues. The red dwarf tubes are very good for their size and pack a punch. Aslo fired the large candle from...
  18. Pyrobrummie

    Fireworks you have fired/tested tonight

    I've heard of 1 failing but 2 from the same pack now that is worrying! Was you near it?
  19. Pyrobrummie

    Fireworks you have fired/tested tonight

    Are you firing Monday then mate?
  20. Pyrobrummie

    Any complaints ?

    Just the 4 cases of dum bums then...A Bit tight isn't it? :p