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  1. Pyrobrummie

    Jonathans fireworks?

    Does anybody know if jonathans fireworks sell anything as near loud as the dum bum? I don't believe they have dum bum it's self however can you advise on a very loud peice without over spending? Not for me it's for a mate in the Nuneaton area who wanted to witness the dum bum but can't find it...
  2. Pyrobrummie

    Advice on damp/wet fireworks?

    Unfortunately I'm am gutted to say that after digging into my collection today I have found that there has been a small leak in my shed! A few fireworks seem a little damp whereas a couple are actually wet. Obviously the wet fireworks are done and I will be soaking them completely to dispose...
  3. Pyrobrummie

    Viper fireworks selection boxes

    Does anyone have any opinions on these? I'm tempted to get the Lancaster box but did see @Somersetpyro leave quite a bad review on the mosquito box. I think the nec seems fairly decent but has anybody seen them fired? And will the Lancaster just be the same as the mosquito with a higher nec? :)
  4. Pyrobrummie

    Advice on visco fuse?

    Just wondered if anyone can give me some advice on visco fuse. Where is best to purchase it from? Why is there different sizes of thickness, what is the purpose of having thin or thicker fuse? Is it best to use for fusing fireworks together or is quick match a better option if so where to get...
  5. Pyrobrummie

    Fireworks you have fired/tested tonight

    Thought this would be a good place to say what you have fired on the run up to bfn e.g single pieces etc. If there is another place this thread should be I'm sure Somer will direct ;). Anyway tonight I tested one of the epic fireworks bazooka bomb rockets. They are sold as 1.3g however they are...
  6. Pyrobrummie

    Taxi laws for fireworks?

    Out of curiosity I was wondering about laws or conditions when traveling in a taxi with a load of pyro. Is this aloud? Is there anything in place to prevent this? Can I be refused a taxi? Any experiences? Thanks :)
  7. Pyrobrummie

    American market vs uk

    Been watching a couple of pyro shopping trips from america and I am surprised how big the firework shops are as they are literally the size of supermarkets and they walk around with shopping trolleys filling up. Also there fireworks are a lot larger then ours despite probably having less powder...
  8. Pyrobrummie

    Blow torch for lighting fireworks?

    Thinking of buying this blowtorch from Amazon for lighting fireworks (link below if it works) any recommendations or thoughts on consistency and reliability would be appreciated. :) Blow Torch 4 Gas, Blue, Torch + 4 Refills
  9. Pyrobrummie

    Ice fountains advice?

    I have been looking around the web at purchasing a fair amount of ice fountains and I was wondering if anyone could advise of a good price per 3/4 pack of fountains when buying in bulk. Does anyone have a rule of thumb? Is there any recommendations for suppliers? Is it just cheaper to go to the...
  10. Pyrobrummie

    Thoughts on bright star selection boxes?

    Just been going through the bonfire selection box and I have to that nearly every item is well over packaged and over priced by a couple of pounds. I know this is common in selection boxes however this seems to be the worst I have seen. Wondered what your thoughts are on current bright star boxes?
  11. Pyrobrummie

    Dark knights dilemma?

    OK so galactic have given me a free firework in my recent delivery which was very kind. The firework is dark knight by jigsaw fireworks. The dilemma is that I don't think I can fire this as it is fanned and I'm not sure what the best safety distance should be on all sides. Has anybody fired...
  12. Pyrobrummie

    Poundland Fireworks 2018

    Does anyone know if poundland will continue to stock the mystique fountain and sparklers this year? Always a great little buy if they are.
  13. Pyrobrummie

    Hello from birmingham

    Hi, finally signed up as I am a bit of a pyro geek and addict and will enjoy seeing everybody's stash pics!