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  1. cossi

    Lesli Fireworks Desert Tank

    RRP £14.99 CAT 2 8 m Nec 17.1 gram novelty fountain . Surface was flat concrete. not knowing how far it would travel ,I put a tube as a barrier and another on other side of yard . the tank should have gone forward after lighting or so I thought. I assume it was too close to the tube to...
  2. cossi

    Astra Fireworks Barrage Pack E

    A look at an old astra selection box and a quick vid of me unboxing my first fireworks bought this year , a cosmic brand barrage pack ,with some very nice golden lion cakes and a leaky red mongoose cake.
  3. cossi

    Wrong Packaging?

    I bought 2 bright star night invader cakes from the range because I liked the effects they were supposed to have. Anyhow, I lit one tonight and the effects were completely different. As this happened to anyone before ? Is it just a case of wrong label on the firework. I looked on the bright...
  4. cossi

    The Range 2013

    hare is the 2013 leaflet. they are fireworks international fireworks, branded as fabulous.
  5. cossi

    sainsburys free firework offer

    The last few years ,Sainsburys have done an offer where you spend £15 and get a free pack of fireworks . Last year they offered a very nice pack of tnt pyro. I made a little vid ,as I think it was a good deal. I actually made 2,1 with the pyro going off and 1 without . the first vid is...