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  1. Philspeedway

    Happy bonfire night everyone

    Wishing everyone a happy and great bonfire night stay safe guys remember remember the 5th of November
  2. Philspeedway

    Middleton fireworks Manchester

    Middleton fireworks Manchester have a great range of fireworks at great prices
  3. Philspeedway

    Makro fireworks 2019

    Anyone know if makro are selling fireworks this year ??
  4. Philspeedway

    How much is too much

    Every year I find myself with loads of left over fireworks from boxes barrages rockets you name it. the question is do we buy more fireworks then we need I always think I’ve not got enough but always have loads left ???
  5. Philspeedway

    Happy 5th of November

    Wishing everyone a happy 5th of November hope you all have a great bonfire night stay safe everyone
  6. Philspeedway

    Bargain or not

    A local fireworks shop is selling these demond 25 shot cakes £8 each or 2 for £15
  7. Philspeedway

    Kimbolton fireworks tungsten

    Can anyone point me in the direction Of Kimboltons tungsten box been wanting to try it for years any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Philspeedway

    Makro fireworks 2018

    Anyone got the leaflet
  9. Philspeedway

    Standard fireworks charity

    Great to see standard fireworks donating money to charity from fireworks also bat sparklers
  10. Philspeedway

    Standard fireworks packaging

    One thing that really is poor is standard fireworks selection box packaging it’s very flimsy
  11. Philspeedway

    Newsagents & paper shops

    Do newsagents & paper shops still sell fireworks if so does anyone have any pictures of there fireworks
  12. Philspeedway

    Makro fireworks 2018

    Anyone know what fireworks makro are selling this year ???
  13. Philspeedway

    Boom fireworks LTD

    Visited a fireworks shop in Manchester today called boom fireworks they had some excellent deals on fireworks
  14. Philspeedway

    Fireworks from supermarkets years gone bye

    Benwell Fireworks street fighter box originally sold by latifs
  15. Philspeedway

    Facebook fireworks group

    Check out my Facebook fireworks group for hundreds of fireworks pictures
  16. Philspeedway

    Viper fireworks selection boxes

    Came across a company called viper fireworks there fireworks look really good quality and the selection boxes look very good
  17. Philspeedway

    Supermarket fireworks £20 deals

    This year I will be doing Supermarket fireworks reviews spending £20 pounds on fireworks and videoing the unboxings and demonstrations the supermarkets I will be doing are....... Asda Tesco Aldi Morrison’s Lidl Sainsburys
  18. Philspeedway

    Kimbolton fireworks

    Found these excellent Kimbolton fireworks videos from the 1970s they are excellent to watch for any fireworks fantastic