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    Firework purchases 2020

    Well 2019 is now over so we might aswell start the 2020 thread as I know some people start shopping erly
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    Thomas graham fireworks

    Hi guys im currently at the vat free and demo night and will be picking uo a few pices
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    The Range Fireworks 2019

    Mod Edit: 2019 Catalogue / Leaflet(s) added to first post. (Thanks to Firey Dave & Maddog for providing the images.) The Range stock varies from store to store, as such your local store may stock more or less than what is shown in the leaflets etc. --- Do you think the range will change...
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    Jtf fireworks

    I noticed last year that jtf sold less fireworks then previous years and the prices went up like the magnitude box was £50 and went up to £70 I have emailed them and asked if they will get some of there old range back because they where good value for money.
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    Galactic fireworks sale day 2019

    I know it's far away but who will be ordering some of there 2019 display from galactic fireworks sale day. I will be as I missed out last year
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    New fireworks for 2019

    Does anyone know of some new fireworks coming in 2019 I know brothers is bringing a new range out
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    Discontinued fireworks

    I'm quite sad that brothers are discontinuing diamond princess/ hocus pocus and ultimate battle of coulers good job I have them in my new years eve stash
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    How to set up a firework display in the garden

    Not sure if there is a thread on this already but what would you say is the best way to set up your display and catch people out and suprise them.
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    Hi from cumbria

    HI I'm kieran I live in cumbria about 10 miles from Scotland and I am from Nottinghamshire Im happy to be hear and found out about the forum from Somersetpyro's youtube chanel
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    What brand is lidl selling this year

    Some people think lidl will go back to tnt but there are rumours that standard fireworks could come in this year.