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  1. Blackthorn

    Halloween 2018 Store Previews & More

    I've found myself getting more and more items from eBay these days. If you pick the right time of the year you can get a some good deals.
  2. Blackthorn

    Halloween 2018 Store Previews & More

    I'm afraid I thought this years offering looked quite poor sadly. I don't know If It's just my local branch but they seem less and less interested in having a good selection of seasonal items out every year. I hope maybe one good item will rear It's head before the end. :)
  3. Blackthorn

    Poundland Halloween 2017

    I really love this item. About time they had something new in the collection. :D
  4. Blackthorn

    Poundland Halloween 2017

    Went to my local branch today, and discovered they'd had a lot more new stock in. Black glitter skulls and skeletons. A new type silvered potion bottles (which I don't think are as nice as lat years but then I'm sure thats down to price) eyeball lights, some day of the dead stuff, etc, etc...
  5. Blackthorn

    Asda Halloween 2017

    Thats not bad. Be prepared to see the scammers on eBay flooding the market with high priced ones in the secondary market.
  6. Blackthorn

    Asda Halloween 2017

    My Asda doesn't normally put anything out until the very first week in October. :(
  7. Blackthorn

    Poundland Halloween 2017

    Yep, same here. Already Christmas is taking over the shelves. :(
  8. Blackthorn

    Home Bargains Halloween 2017

    My local Range, I have to say, is pretty dire. Very poorly stocked compared to the past few years. Mainly pandering to Christmas now, even though I know their Halloween stock sold well.
  9. Blackthorn

    Wilko Halloween 2017

    Yeah, there was only Gardening stuff in ours. :(
  10. Blackthorn


    I went to my local branch today and I think Poundworld has Poundland beat hands down this year. Yes I know a section of their stock is sold for higher then a quid, but they have a good value range at a decent price. I even saw they had a full size Skeleton for sale too for £25. Yes a higher...
  11. Blackthorn

    The Range Halloween 2017

    Ooh thanks for that. I visited the Range today, and was quite disappointed as they didn't seem to have their full range out. And to add insult to injury when I asked was all their stock out on the shelves now because there was another section right next to this one where everything had been...
  12. Blackthorn

    Halloween 2017, On A Budget.

    Yeah I use Poundland a lot too. I often use their halloween fairy lights to light up my outdoors displays. Cheap and cheerful and doesn't run up an electric bill. :D
  13. Blackthorn

    Haunted Gargoyle Review

    Sadly apart from not being able to justify spending that amount on one item, for me there's the whole storage issue. I have so much Halloween crap I've collected over the years I'd nowhere to store it anymore.
  14. Blackthorn


    They're great aren't they. This is a video of his backyard 2015 display. The atmosphere he creates is just amazing imo. :) Stick with it until night falls and then it really looks amazing.
  15. Blackthorn


    I imagine everyone is already familiar with this guys fantastic work? When I first came across his stuff I nearly freaked out. It represented my Halloween aesthetic perfectly. His stuff is so inspirational to me. :)
  16. Blackthorn

    Asda V Wilko

    Well to be honest I think they're both a tad overpriced for what they are, but If pushed I'd go with the Wilko version for price alone. Years ago I bought the old Wilko version when it was retailing at just £25 and I still think that's hard to beat.
  17. Blackthorn

    Asda Halloween 2016

    I had a look and thought it was okay, but not really worth £60. One thing I did think was worth it was the old fashioned flickering light set. You can either have them set at light only or have them with the sound of cracking electricity. Not bad for a fiver. :D
  18. Blackthorn

    Poundland Halloween 2016

    Well I decided to email Poundland on their website and ask was the Skelly bird on their website part of their merchandise this year, and If so when it might be hitting the stores. That was a couple of days ago and no reply in sight yet. We'll have to see If they ever do.
  19. Blackthorn

    Poundland Halloween 2016

    Poundlands 20 light set are very good. I bought all 4 colours last year and used them to light my outside decs by bunching them together to act like a kind of mini spotlight, they're that bright. I found the orange to be one of the first to fade after a while, but the bright green and red sets...
  20. Blackthorn

    Tk Maxx Halloween 2016

    Talking of which I went to another of my local TK Maxx branches. Nothing especially exciting, but I did like the look of the large resin Pumpkins. The orange version with the carved Day of the Dead face lights up apparently. Really like the classy striped version too. Also to a shine to that...