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  1. greasyvisa

    Tk Maxx Halloween 2017

    i have heard people say that they have them in store buit wanted to know if its true? before i make my way there
  2. greasyvisa

    Bonfire Night 2017 Whos Ready

    Wgos ready for the big night? Im waiting for my seasonal and supermarkets weco all the way
  3. greasyvisa

    Morrisons Fireworks 2016

    so anyone no what morrisons got this year?
  4. greasyvisa

    Lidl Fireworks 2016

    Wat best at £60 I'm not into rockets much so if we can leave them out oif any one can help
  5. greasyvisa

    Asda Fireworks 2016

    I just keep with deep space 4 I reckon may a few pack of firewok lighters
  6. greasyvisa

    Asda Fireworks 2016

    Oh why no pumpkins?
  7. greasyvisa

    Supermarket Fireworks 2016

    I'm choosing lidl this year for the main reason for them going with weco
  8. greasyvisa

    Asda Fireworks 2016

    pumpkin fountain is the world from here
  9. greasyvisa

    Argos Fireworks 2016

    dont waste your money on them
  10. greasyvisa

    Aldi Fireworks 2016

    was looking over this website do we all think that tnt will be the brand for aldi this year or will they be going for different? some stuff in my opinion or not bad but personal looking at weco this year, Aldi fireworks leaflet 2016
  11. greasyvisa

    Lidl Fireworks 2016

    could be next 3 weeks
  12. greasyvisa

    Which Fireworks Are The Loudest

    Im quite confused really as I don't fire fireworks all the time but wanted to know what would give people a jump when they bang I was thinking all fireworks are loud :confused:
  13. greasyvisa

    Lidl Fireworks 2016

    dont count on it should be all new range for lidl
  14. greasyvisa

    Supermarket Fireworks Brands Poll

    this forum is great I can agree with you . . . so when supermarket stuff show it will be down to what items performce bettters regarldless toi what brand it is.
  15. greasyvisa

    Supermarket Fireworks Brands Poll

    So tnt os only worth it with supermarkets?.?
  16. greasyvisa

    The Boss At Lidl

    Oh yeah thats a good point they do look better for ££
  17. greasyvisa

    The Boss At Lidl

    maybuy they will reduce price on this this year
  18. greasyvisa

    Japppy Easter

    Jappy easter :D happy* i have had loads of eggs this morning
  19. greasyvisa

    Anti-fireworks Petition

    or maybe - has there or can we build a petition calling for a ban on dogs and cats because peoples with mall animals like this often let them Fudge Berries! and I highlight Fudge Berries! everywhere and don't keep them on leads around streets ppl who get scared by a large animal running at them?
  20. greasyvisa

    Supermarkets Fireworks Newspaper Deal

    saw deals last year trying to find how early do these start? also is there any list online to looks out for deals?