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  1. Craig

    Ghengis Fireworks £500 Competition!!

    Great competition good luck everyone!
  2. Craig

    Fireworks Blues

    Glad I’m not the only one then :ROFLMAO: I’ve never done Fireworks on new year as I’m always out. So Bonfire night is the main night for me. As soon as it’s new year I’m always looking at different shops seeing what’s new.
  3. Craig

    Fireworks Blues

    Does anyone else get firework blues?? All them weeks planning and sorting, fired all your stash and now the day after, you don’t know what to do with yourselves and wishing you had a load more.. or this just me?? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  4. Craig

    Firework King?

    Yes! Big Bad Boom was a very good cake for a sky filler used it for my finale! Devastation Rockets were great too! I recommend them!
  5. Craig

    Rocket Rack

    Hi everyone hope you all enjoying yourselves?! I’ve finally made my rocket rack!! Just took a minutes to build, fired and tested and all seem strong and stable! :)
  6. Craig

    who made a guy for a bonfire?

    Yes I have for my bonfire
  7. Craig

    Firework Stash Pictures 2018

    So I went Latifs in Bilston today just to have a nose and I came out with this lot... Rockets 1 pack of 5 Devastation Rockets 2 packs of 5 War Hawk 2 rockets 1 pack of 5 Sky Hawk 2 Fountains 1 Alien Surprise 1 Funky Frog Mines 2 packs of Bomb Factory Single Shot tubes 2 packs of Atom...
  8. Craig

    Rocket Rack

    Hi everyone, do any of you build and use rocket racks? Or do you use the traditional method just putting rocket launch tubes in the ground? I’m thinking of building one using a pallet and some 2x2??? Any advice and pics would be much appreciated :):):)
  9. Craig

    Big Rockets

    I’ll have a look cheers
  10. Craig

    Big Rockets

    I’ve always used Epic Fireworks mate they have never let me down. It was only last year I didn’t go there as my new neighbour put out a good display and they recommended me Latifs. They were pretty good but to me Epic Fireworks is still the one for me.
  11. Craig

    Big Rockets

    I live in Telford, Shropshire. I travel anywhere within 2 hour driving distance, so I shop around on internet. I usually use Epic Fireworks and travel up there. I’ve used war hawks before just trying something different this year.
  12. Craig

    Big Rockets

    Hi guys I’m shopping around for some big rockets for my display. At the minute I’ve found my Mid display rockets pack but I’m struggling for my finale. The Black Cat Sundown rockets have caught my eye are they any good at all?? I’ve seen a video for them and they look great but I’m just looking...
  13. Craig

    Epic Fireworks £500 Competition!!

    A lot of thinking but here’s mine.. I picked Armistice as it will be 100 years since the end of WW1..