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  1. ravon

    Halloween 2019

    Hey ppl long time no see I thought I'd make a start for 2019 Halloween wat are we all planning? I've seen a few ideas I will share with u all. In mean time come say hi show me what u got :p:ugly
  2. ravon

    Tiny fingers saftey

    Found on facebook
  3. ravon

    Christmas crafts 2018

    I'm getting crafty this year. So far I've made these but working on more ideas. Anyone else getting Christmas crafty?
  4. ravon

    Truth or dare?

    Here I thought we could play a classic game of truth or dare tag the person you want to answer. Please keep question and dares family friendly I.e for dare post a selfie of yourself pulling a silly face... I will go first with @Somersetpyro truth or dare?
  5. ravon

    Halloween decs 2018

    So far this year still more to go out
  6. ravon

    Hallowed themed tattoos

    Has anyone got Halloween themed tattoos? Here is my new one
  7. ravon

    Where did all the halloween peeps go?

    It has came to my attention that no one is posting about Halloween :( I'm starting to feel lonely:Zanony please people make an effort for my sake or I will cry Thanks for reading
  8. ravon

    Christmas 2018

    I have now started Xmas shopping and have x2 black bags of toys so far anyone else started yet?
  9. ravon

    The Range Halloween 2018

    The range has updated there web page most coming up as out of stock but soon to be in stock I think Adding pics of wat I want
  10. ravon

    Halloween 2018

    Been going round carboots found a cute one for my collection
  11. ravon

    summer bargains

    my bargains so far garden table and chair set with parasol x6 chairs £150 and a bbq condiment set £1 brand new from car boot. share your summer bargains
  12. ravon

    worm world the husband has ordered one but I'm not keen on the idea. would you buy this for your kids?
  13. ravon

    Do you celebrate halloween?

    I love halloween. autumn has arrived the smell of bonfires in the air. dressing up decorating the house to see all the local kids faces. halloween is my favourite holiday. do you celebrate halloween? if not why not? please comment your thoughts on halloween
  14. ravon

    Costco bbq

    found this 7 burner stainless steel bbq on Costco. i would love this
  15. ravon

    Happy New Year 2018

    just like to take a moment to wish you all a happy New year may 2018 be good to us all xxxx:)
  16. ravon

    Aldi Xmas 2017

    aldi are doing xmas wrap 99p for 12m really nice patterns and i bought this
  17. ravon

    My Halloween Decs 2017

    my house so far still some big stuff to go out on halloween night. please upload urs
  18. ravon

    Tesco Halloween

    went to my local tesco it is only a small one but this is what they have in
  19. ravon

    Come Join Our Facebook Group

    we have created a halloween group page on facebook and need all you lovely halloween fanatics to help get it going just look for halloween night watch :Fangtastic
  20. ravon

    D.i.y Xmas Treats

    found on Facebook