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  1. chris_wynne

    North West- Liverpool Aldi Supermarket Fireworks 2014

    ALDI 367 E Prescot Rd Liverpool L14 2DE Phone: 0800 042 0800 Picked the leaflet up at my local Aldi store in Liverpool, looks like its going to be TNT again, but strangely enough there was no sign of the firework stand yet, probably be up next week. That cake does look okay IMO :)
  2. chris_wynne

    Aldi Fireworks 2014

    Looks like there stocking TNT again this year, picked this leaflet up today, its only a sneak peak though.
  3. chris_wynne

    good pack of rockets (loud and big explosion)

    Im after a big rocket pack including about 20 plus rockets but want good ones with a big bang and a big display in sky, i have found a few and was wondering if the community could help me out. i have found these: epic firework Professional Rocket Box 1 epic firework Dirty Dozen DRD...
  4. chris_wynne

    Costco Fireworks online and in store

    they also have standard sharpshooters and a few different slection boxes i think these Firework Selection Boxes from Black Cat and Standard Fireworks this is from what i remember from last year :)
  5. chris_wynne

    Best UK firework Supplier ONLINE

    hello everyone as you all know its nearly there the greatest time of the year :) I usually buy all my fireworks from supermarkets and corner/firework shops and was thinking for this year to purchase my collection of fireworks from the interent, i would be extremely happy if the firework...