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  1. Firey Dave

    When this lockdown is finished!

    I live with my wife and 14 year old daughter in our flat, not having a garden right now is s killer! I seek some sanctuary with my allotment and the occasional day in work . I'm in a local primary school and we work on a rota to look after key worker children but even that only had me in...
  2. Firey Dave

    When this lockdown is finished!

    My local specialist just shared this on their Facebook.... made me smile :)
  3. Firey Dave

    When this lockdown is finished!

    Just saw this on Facebook... I can't help but think that this is just do gooders using the NHS as a scapegoat to moan about fireworks again. Whilst the rest of us are clapping, cheering, banging things together, and generally making allot of noise to show our appreciation for NHS and all key...
  4. Firey Dave

    Fwsim - firework simulator

    Discovered this online, not seen it before and looked like it could be a bit of fun for those of us who dream of firing our own big choreographed displays! Gonna try out the demo at some point, anyone else tried it out or play about with it?
  5. Firey Dave

    Firework Purchases 2019

    I too feel a bit of the pyro blues. Have a fair bit I can still fire though. Had to cut or display a bit short last Friday due to rain. Still have over 20 rockets, a few Zeus candles, shot tubes and a couple of small mines and half a party box to let off. And a few small selection boxes...
  6. Firey Dave

    Firework Purchases 2019

    Right..... no more, that's it for this year.... this is the last one..... we already had our party last Friday for goodness sake, and I've bought the Visage box yesterday too.... and I have leftovers from Friday plus magic, ready steady go, LoL and thunderbolt boxes! :sneaky:
  7. Firey Dave

    Lidl fireworks 2019

    Just picked up a Visage to try out
  8. Firey Dave

    Your best stash picture

    Definitely 2017!
  9. Firey Dave

    Firework Stash Pictures 2019

    Forgive me fellow pyro loonies for I have sinned... I've started preparing my display before I took a final stash pic of everything together. Constructed firing boards at the weekend and have now mounted all cakes and Visco fused together. Just the Catherine wheels to do on Friday before I...
  10. Firey Dave

    Firework Purchases 2019

    PMSL.... free giveaway..... I've not used that one yet. That's next year's stash excuse sorted
  11. Firey Dave

    Firework lighting

    I was wondering how they perform. Was thinking of asking my brother in law of I could borrow his instead of using portfires
  12. Firey Dave

    The Range Fireworks 2019

    I think today was the last day of the deal
  13. Firey Dave

    The Range Fireworks 2019

    And your questioning whether you should buy them? Off you toddle, we'll expect a picture by lunchtime :LOL:
  14. Firey Dave

    Firework Purchases 2019

    Yeah I was rather as well