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    bonfire and fireworks summer

    see it works well only differance is your not standing in feild freezing cold at a fire wirk display wherecant even get warmth from bonfire as its to far way least if have it in summer you not going to freeze and on a cool afternoon be good to watch fireworks on open fire
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    bonfire and fireworks summer

    why is it always specific seasons? we could incorporate all seaons all year round within reason. fire works and bonfire in july - get the open fire going in garden cook some food on open flames, set off fireworks when dusk be brillaint couldeven get the christmas fairy lights out and light up...
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    Do you celebrate halloween?

    i celebrate all seasons my fav is christmas i just love the lights lol. as for Halloween i love the smell of the bonfires but we also get that in summer and the smell of bbq lol
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    5 Letter Word Change

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    Reading Books For Christmas

    maybe try charity shops. 1. your helping a charity 2. your recycling 3. be less expensive then a standard shop 4. could always gift back if the child didn't like
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    Aldi BBQ Range 2018

    maybe you should do garden party and we all cone be critics lok
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    spending to much on kids christmas

    these days there is so much more to choose from and competitive market means you spend more. I personally have gone over the top but i wait for the 3 for 2 offers in Argos toys and saved a fortune
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    Waterworld Looks like a brilliant event
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    Home Made Baubles

    these can be brought feom eBay and you would just have to decorate them
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    Advent Calendars

    Sounds like a plan to me could even been greedy and buy a bottle of gin and whiskey have shot of each every day lol. But as I will be 8 months pregnant xmas I don't think we will be doing that kind of advent this year lol
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    Facebook Halloween Food.

    You could make these with kids be brilliant
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    Advent Calendars

    That's alot to pay but they say it's a merry time of year maybe just to merry having a shot of gin everyday lol
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    Does anyone know when they are doing the 3 for 2 on toys at Argos? Idea for early xmas presents
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    Reading Books For Christmas

    They say Christmas is a time with family I ha e recently heard of a tradition to spend time with kids on build up to Christmas. You Get 24 reading books and wrap them individually each night your child gets to pick a book open it and sit and read or look at the book together This is not only...
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    Advent Calendars

    own made advent calendar be nice to do small project with kids before xmas period