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    Firework lighting

    I would highly recommend an arc lighter. Mine has served incredibly well. Safe, precise and they even easily light through taped fuses. However, since they are electronic, I should point out that unless you protect the handle with some plastic wrap etc (which is easy enough obviously) they may...
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    Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    How was it @Rob939?
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    Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    I didn't go. I was sold after seeing what I thought was a much weaker line-up (with some repeats).
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    Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    I'm feeling the same way! I'm concerned about parking too since we'd get there late (deliberately) to avoid the rain.
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    Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    Very poor forecast for tonight :( Not sure how much fun it will be standing in torrential rain.
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    Advice on damp/wet fireworks?

    After last year with @Somersetpyro, the thought of lighting a damp giant conic would give me PTSD...
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    Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    Count me in! Let's see if I can win the free firework competition for the third time in a row :p
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    ST Forum Meet 2019

    Hey, how's everyone doing? How is this progressing? How much is the insurance cost if that is the issue?
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    NYE 2018 Launch

    I fired Absolute Kronos, TNT Enchanted and Brothers 5-Alive tonight. Tiny little session but great fun all the same. I also somehow managed to zap myself with the plasma lighter. Painful! Smelled like burning flesh for ages :LOL:
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    Seasonal Traditions Christmas Countdown 2018

    :gatheraround Nearly there - Happy Christmas everyone! :gatheraround
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    Bonfire Night Weather 2018

    Technically the most accurate should be the UK Met Office (not the BBC!), but I recommend heading to, and doing a comparison between the ECMWF, GFS and ICON models to see if they agree. Always best to use more than one model I think :)
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    Christmas Adverts 2018

    I love the Aldi adverts, but I agree the message is quite perplexing... plenty of kids this Christmas not wanting to eat their vegetables! I dislike the Boots advert. I feel it's stealing the sentimental aspect from John Lewis and it's also really predictable.
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    NYE Firework

    That Stormblast really was something... well worth getting Neil to deliver last minute :p Definitely a bit of everything, punchy and a good choice if going for a non-compound I reckon.
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    Christmas Adverts 2018

    That is not the real John Lewis advert :p
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    ST Forum Meet 2019

    Good man :p