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  1. exeterpyro

    Not off topic

    Meanwhile at the local Garden Centre...
  2. exeterpyro


    Sorry to hear your plans are messed up - are the remaining ones all in Cardiff? I'd quite like seeing Dua Lipa to be honest even though I'd much rather see The Killers (envious) and KoL. Hopefully they're just rescheduled so something to look forward to. Can't see anything going back to 'normal'...
  3. exeterpyro

    Firework purchases 2020

    Maybe we can do a joint display this year? Solves your neighbour problem! ;)
  4. exeterpyro

    Firework purchases 2020

    We had a couple of holidays booked this year which are now cancelled/rescheduled so I have some funds available. I'm tempted to therefore 'go bigger' this year with Pyro in the hope I can throw a 'Goodbye Terrible 2020' social-distancing party. I'm wondering if there will be any Pyro sellers...
  5. exeterpyro

    Covid-19 - Stop Panic Buying.

    I am well thank you, and you? My work sent me to the other side of the work a couple of weeks back and I was only just able to make it back to the UK in time. We are hiding out at home to avoid becoming another case the NHS has to deal with. It is likely that all of us will eventually contract...
  6. exeterpyro

    Covid-19 - Stop Panic Buying.

    Hey Gaz, Long time no chat! We are living in a crazy world this year. The number of people visiting their elderly relatives over Mother's Day was shocking too. Wilful ignorance or utter selfishness?
  7. exeterpyro

    Firework lighting

    I would highly recommend an arc lighter. Mine has served incredibly well. Safe, precise and they even easily light through taped fuses. However, since they are electronic, I should point out that unless you protect the handle with some plastic wrap etc (which is easy enough obviously) they may...
  8. exeterpyro

    Event: Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    How was it @Rob939?
  9. exeterpyro

    Event: Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    I didn't go. I was sold after seeing what I thought was a much weaker line-up (with some repeats).
  10. exeterpyro

    Event: Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    I'm feeling the same way! I'm concerned about parking too since we'd get there late (deliberately) to avoid the rain.
  11. exeterpyro

    Event: Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    Very poor forecast for tonight :( Not sure how much fun it will be standing in torrential rain.
  12. exeterpyro

    Advice on damp/wet fireworks?

    After last year with @Somersetpyro, the thought of lighting a damp giant conic would give me PTSD...
  13. exeterpyro

    Event: Sonic Fireworks Demo Evening 2019

    Count me in! Let's see if I can win the free firework competition for the third time in a row :p
  14. exeterpyro

    ST Forum Meet 2019

    Hey, how's everyone doing? How is this progressing? How much is the insurance cost if that is the issue?