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    St Luke's Hospice Display Millbrook Fc

    This year I have decided to do a charity event for the st Luke's hospice in Plymouth due to the huge success of one I done for another charity last year I have chosen this one for this year The event will take place at Millbrook football club on 4th Nov with all proceeds going straight to them...
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    There's Some Symertry For You All

    1st haul in
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    Nye Display

    just a little display won't be bringing out anything too big but have snuck a Few nice pieces
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    The Range Fireworks 2016

    Range Torquay had 3 packs of rockets left
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    Scbu Brixham Charity Display

    we held a event to raise money for the Scbu unit at torbay hospital with raffles food and a firework display put on by yours truly. The event was a big success and we raised £1600 end total for the unit. The video is a little out of focus till 5 mins in. Well enough rambling on here's the vid N
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    New To The Forum

    evening guys Been active on ukfr past 2 years so thought I'd join to here to, prob a lot of you on here and there