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  1. cossi

    Vertical take-off spinner fireworks being sold in the UK under CE-F2 at 15m spectator distance, what is the likelihood of this?

    I have seen these in the States and some do go pretty straight up , though i love the zips which can be erratic. As far as the law here is concerned , i think its absurd. Considering what we can buy , i think Zips ,ladybugs etc are harmless, given a sensible safety distance , and would attract...
  2. cossi

    Golden Lion Selection Boxes

    pics of the 2007 range of golden lion selection boxes. can put some pics of older boxes up if anybody wants .
  3. cossi

    Golden Lion Selection Boxes

    2007 RRPs, Cougar £15. Leopard £25. Panther £40. Tiger £60 . Lion £90. They are the only listed golden lion boxes. Cosmic brand started with Mercury at £9.99 up to Neptune at £69.99.
  4. cossi

    Tesco Fireworks 2019

    Just went to a Tesco that didn't have leaflets in this morning and have not now . I informed staff of the misprint , the display in the shop shows 2 for £110. The guy said ,"that's why there are no leaflets out " as he did not know about it. I got the leaflet in a different tesco , but havent...
  5. cossi

    Tesco Fireworks 2019

    The 3 for £110 looks a great deal ,unless its a misprint.
  6. cossi

    Tesco Fireworks 2019

  7. cossi

    Aldi fireworks 2019

    The video for the big boom looks like it is actually the ultimate finale cake ,and they also put that price there also ,just a mix up.
  8. cossi

    Supermarket Stash Pictures 2016

    ok cheers for that .
  9. cossi

    Comedy Fountain

    The Dracula is exactly like the old clown fountain , hated Frankenstein fountain ,the frog is pretty good ,so either the count or the frog . The lol ,as a fountain ,isn't that good , but I would get the count Dracula.
  10. cossi

    Buyology Fireworks 2016

    Its TNT , there was an ammo dump which is very similar to showstopper ,perhaps better , they had for £17.99, other stuff very similar to last year.
  11. cossi

    Asda Fireworks 2016

    went to asda this morning ,just for the portfires , I was there for about 20 minutes . I paid for 2 packs and then the lady looked for them in the cabinets , and couldn't find any ,so I had a refund. The staff were pleasant enough. Was going to get the devil ,but it seems to have a lot of...
  12. cossi

    Wilko Fireworks 2016

    Just about price now suppose.
  13. cossi

    Wilko Fireworks 2016

    they put vids up on their channel a while back . I did ask if thet were stocking fireworks on one of the youtube vids, but got no reply . look for bonfire night . also Halloween section I havnt looked at.
  14. cossi

    Lesli Fireworks Desert Tank

    RRP £14.99 CAT 2 8 m Nec 17.1 gram novelty fountain . Surface was flat concrete. not knowing how far it would travel ,I put a tube as a barrier and another on other side of yard . the tank should have gone forward after lighting or so I thought. I assume it was too close to the tube to...
  15. cossi

    Morrisons Fireworks 2016

    I might be wrong ,but I think the pumpkin is not like the one asda did , I think it is just a fountain with no flashing eyes and mouth .