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  1. AHLAD

    Send A Warning Out

    Hi guys a seasonal seller has just been robbed in Swansea, police were quick and stopped them in the act, they did run away but all fireworks have been recovered and his van impounded and the van owner is known to police. So just remind shops/sellers that they are a target and to keep things...
  2. AHLAD

    Buyology Fireworks 2015

    Thank for the info @Kamikersie I will pop in and see if they got anything to bulk out my stash, when I get round to starting it that is
  3. AHLAD

    The Range Fireworks 2015

    Sound @Kamikersie not heard of the one over enterprise. The one I'm talking about will be behind Gorseinon market
  4. AHLAD

    The Range Fireworks 2015

    @Kamikersie are you from Swansea? At the moment only found one seasonal, which will be selling bright star
  5. AHLAD

    The Range Fireworks 2015

    Thanks for the information @Fearlesskev I have found a seasonal shop that will have brightstar. The other 2 are a bit far as I only drive a motorcycle lol.
  6. AHLAD

    The Range Fireworks 2015

    Thanks Somer! Looks like seasonal maybe best for shops around me this year
  7. AHLAD

    The Range Fireworks 2015

    Anyone know what isn't being sold in cat C stores? As Swansea is cat C :/
  8. AHLAD

    The Range Fireworks 2015

    I agree zep it's a real shame
  9. AHLAD

    The Range Fireworks 2015

    Yes Gaz, they couldn't even tell me if the store was closing o_O
  10. AHLAD

    The Range Fireworks 2015

    Emailed them today as someone said the Swansea store is closing, so asked about fireworks while I was there and they said the following - "with regard to the fireworks please contact your local store directly and they will confirm with you the stock they hold as every store is different."
  11. AHLAD

    Lidl Fireworks 2015

    Think TNT but want Weco
  12. AHLAD

    Benwell Fireworks Space Wars

    Very nice!
  13. AHLAD

    The Range Fireworks 2015

    They did offer good stuff at good price yes it may not be 1.3g but Armageddon was like £35? good cake at that price all good fillers. I will be going there if it is Brightstar :)
  14. AHLAD

    Like A Kid!

    Like a kid I just checked how many days until the seasonal and supermarkets start selling fireworks and it's just 81 days!! That will be here before we know it!
  15. AHLAD

    New Bright Star Fireworks Retail Range 2015

    Here are some new Bright Star stuff Lords of War Barrage Replacing the Star Charger Rocket Pack with the new Red Alert Rocket Pack Alien Surprise Fountain Mini Frogs