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Typo Of The Year 2016: The Results

Discussion in 'Fun & Games' started by Somersetpyro, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    It's that time of year again where we celebrate the great and good at typos :D so the results are as follows...

    In 3rd place, is this brilliant triple effort from @Alexs21
    In 2nd place, possibly the most talked about one, and i suspect i'll be lynched if I don't make the top 3 with this one:
    And the winner of the ST Typo of the Year award for 2016, goes to....

    @Rich for this entry!
    I hope the siblings survived your display Rich :D

    And finally, the prestigious Dave special award goes to @callistos for this one:
    So that's it for another year, thanks to @Fud, @Phil Max, @Kamran saeed dabaei, @vodkas, @Vladster and @JdmBoy and the winners for their unintended entries, and hopefully we'll see some more great typos in 2017! :D
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  2. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    Oh and i should probably give a special mention to @Fud, as he amassed 7 typos last year, which is by far and away the most by any user :p
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  3. gaz

    gaz Administrator Sovereign the 2nd

    haha, Love it. Glad I can be at service in producing typos ;)
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  4. Alexs21

    Alexs21 Wizard the 1st

    aha, some brilliant typos in there lol:rofl: