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Three Queens- One Magnificant City Liverpool

Discussion in 'Local Spring Events' started by Dan12, May 1, 2015.

  1. Dan12

    Dan12 Royal Knight the 1st

    Hey all, not exactly a tratition in sense, well you could probably say its Liverpools tradition to put on a yearly massive event since COC.... But im sure you may have heard but in a couple of weeks were having the three cunard queens come to our city as part of their 175 anniversary. Im looking soo forward to this as they have alkinds happening not just on the weekend of the ships, but alkinds else for 8 full weeks.

    23-26th May
    Cunard- Three Queens
    Three ships will arrive, sail together up the mersey etc.
    Good thing about it is there will be a projection and fireworks display on both the Sunday and Monday nights! So il deffinitly be there ;)

    Other events include the River Festival, Liverpool Boat Show, July 4th crossing commemorations, including fireworks/ classic car cavolade, world record attempt for a catwalk and loads more.

    Going to be a really busy spring summer and as someone who loves big events I cant wait, and witnessing how liverpool put on some of their past events (the giants etc) there always amazing.

    Il be taking photos throughout the event, and if anyones intersted Il post them up on here. Im aiming to get ot as much of the events as will allow.

    Loadss of info here about the events if anyones interested, Three Queens
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  2. Dan12

    Dan12 Royal Knight the 1st

    So I promised Id upload pics from this amazing event, so here they are eventually.

    Our city never fails to put on the most amazing events and this was up with the rest (giants etc), was amazing! The nighttime events included rooftop fireworks, lazers, projections show including water projections, street thertre, dancing fountains and the leaving of one of the three queens, all topped off with a big fireworks display on the mersey.
    DSC00023.JPG DSC00026.JPG DSC00030.JPG DSC00033.JPG DSC00034.JPG DSC00039.JPG DSC00040.JPG DSC00055.JPG DSC00066.JPG DSC00068.JPG DSC00071.JPG DSC00072.JPG DSC00073.JPG DSC00074.JPG DSC00145.JPG DSC00165.JPG DSC00175.JPG DSC00178.JPG
    So sorry there so late been so busy latley but better late than never I suppose.

    Just recently (4th July) Queen Mary 2 returned for another extravaganza on the waterfront, there was a world record for the most people doing a catwalk, a giant afterparty/disco and once again a big fireworks display as QM2 sailed off, set with New York New York and a massive sing-a-long as it went over to Boston!

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  3. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    looks like a good event, always love the red arrows :) and of course the pyro!
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  4. gaz

    gaz Administrator Sovereign the 2nd

    nice one dan :)