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The Range Fireworks 2016

Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by Alexs21, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. zephieish

    zephieish Moderator Wizard

    Most items were still in stock, except Cosmic Chaos and Screaming Spiders.

    My one is all year round, so best to phone your local to find out their selling period.
  2. Ashy boy 55

    Ashy boy 55 Noble the 1st

    Ok cheers mate
  3. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    They sell till the 10th :)
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  4. Vladster

    Vladster Royal Knight the 3rd

    Only 4 more days until i can finally relax then lol :p
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  5. Ashy boy 55

    Ashy boy 55 Noble the 1st

    Cheers Dave I didn't know that
  6. aquila

    aquila Peasant the 2nd

    anyone know if the range will be stocking for NYE next month?
  7. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    Yes they will be, most of the normal range, and possibly with a few additions too :)
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  8. aquila

    aquila Peasant the 2nd

    Great! May have to go nuts again :D
  9. jimmywhizz

    jimmywhizz Peasant the 1st

    Went to the range in altrincham. No NYE stock. Are they definitely selling for NYE this year?
  10. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    Yes they are, Taunton had their cabinets out a couple weeks back ready for New Year, but i expect if the store sold out at BFN, they won't get more stock
  11. Firey Dave

    Firey Dave Noble the 1st

    Ipswich store never put their cabinets away, had a notice before Christmas saying they'd be on sale from the 30th December. I couldn't help notice they had a few elektro surge fountains left from last year, I may have to see if I could get one of each and start the BFN stash early
  12. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    @Firey Dave id try and get there sooner rather than later, because they probably started selling 2 days ago. They won't hang around long I doubt
  13. Dan12

    Dan12 Royal Knight the 1st

    Dont know if im going to bother now tbh:(
    Our range seemed to have hardly any left before BFN so if there probably not getting new stock in theres likely to be nothing left ha.
    Ah well, see what happens may pick up a few bits in Lidl or if not just wait for next year ha
  14. Range Torquay had 3 packs of rockets left
  15. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    It's a shame, they had a great range, it's poor that they haven't re-stocked their product tbh
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  16. Pieman

    Pieman Peasant the 1st

    Range in Portsmouth didn't have too much - but the ElectroSurge fountains have made a re-appearance which they didn't at BFN....unfortunately I was looking for Mighty Atoms or possibly Wrath of the Gods....from memory they had in the single cabinet in the lobby... (Not a definitive list.....)
    • Few different rocket packs
    • Electro surge fountains
    • Funky Frog
    • Oriental Stars
    • Luffers Revenge
    • Cosmic Chase barrage
    • Armageddon
    • The mid range boxes
    So unfortunately I didn't purchase anything.....wishing I had purchased extra BFN now.....may dive out to another store later....
  17. Jezzadw

    Jezzadw Noble the 1st

    Popped into my local Range (Newport) and they had lots of cakes they didn't have bfn. Must of been 8 different ones I saw. Some I've never heard of. I didn't need anything so didn't buy anything but the queue was quite good with people buying.
  18. Local Range have a few items selling off for chinese New year limited stock.

    Delta force £1
    Monster selection box £2.49
    Calypso pearls £1.74
    Star busters £1.74
    Mammoth sparklers 35p
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017