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Standard Fireworks Family Pack Part 2

Discussion in 'Member Fireworks Stash Showcase' started by AnthonyUKpyro, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. AnthonyUKpyro

    AnthonyUKpyro Wizard

    Standard Energy Storm Display Firework Fountain Cat 3 25 metres BS 7114 : part 2 : 1988

    Standard Glitter Burst Garden Firework Rockets Pack Cat 2 5 metres BS 7114 : part 2 : 1988

    Standard Wheel Spin 2 Pack CE Cat 2 8 metres BS-EN 15947

    PS one of the rockets and one of the wheels was a dud so I've shown you what works, enjoy!

  2. FireworksDude86

    FireworksDude86 Noble the 2nd

    Good stuff, thanks for recording and sharing ant.

    Obviously nothing too outstanding but the fountains look quite lengthy and good for a small display
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