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Real Or Fake?

Discussion in 'Fireworks Chat And Discussion' started by jimmywhizz, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. jimmywhizz

    jimmywhizz Peasant the 1st

    Whilst searching for that little something different for my display this year i thought I had stumbled on a real gem of a firework. However once finding numerous videos for the same item it scared me out of a purchase. If anyone can tell me the truth but the first video looks like it has been doctored (colour saturation?) opinions please on the significant differences between these two.....

  2. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    I know the company who shot the second video fire all their product in the UK, the top video on the other hand is from China. There are of course variations with camera quality/angles and weather conditions to take into account. But even so, my trust would definitely be with the UK video
  3. Jezzadw

    Jezzadw Noble the 1st

    As with all fireworks I browse youtube and see if anyone fired it, if not I'll take a chance and film it myself. The only way you can know if you like it is in person yourself.
  4. rikky shah

    rikky shah Peasant the 1st

    I bought 4 of the hawaiian palms hoping they would be the same as the 1st video. When i get time to shoot them off I will upload a video. Im going to be really upset if they are not the same
  5. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    It has a good reputation as a stand out piece, as does a lot of magnum, just maybe expect the colours to be a little less vibrant :)