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Other Brands Ghengis Mega Eruption Display Fountain Pack

Discussion in 'Fountains' started by AnthonyUKpyro, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. AnthonyUKpyro

    AnthonyUKpyro Wizard

    Cat 3
    25 metres spectator safety distance
    BS 7114 part 2 1988 specification

    These three fountains are a nice addition to any small to medium display of Cat 3 25 metre fireworks, each has three nice and moderately noisy effects, pure vivid colours and ended with viciously loud snap crackles, should burn for 70 secs each, the first two did, but the third lasted around 60 seconds and went quicker and faster than the other two.

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  2. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    I like them, very nice fountains :) i'd say worth £12-15 each easily
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  3. Rich

    Rich Administrator Esquire the 1st

    11.95 for all three, bit of a bargain imo
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  4. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    Good price, people pay £5-6 for a 60s duration fountain all day so £12 for 3 is very good :)
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