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Ghengis Fireworks 2016

Discussion in 'Firework Brands' started by Rich, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. Rich

    Rich Administrator Esquire the 1st

    Looking forward to my first year of firing some of Ghengis fireworks bigger gear. In the past I've only had smaller cakes and things from them.
    Also very excited to see the new shockwave mine cake and halo rockets. I'll report back here once fired.
    Here is what I have so far

    As you may have seen in a review I posted the other day, I fired a couple of the screaming birds and was impressed by the great screech and bang. I've heard louder but not when combined with the screech. For the price (works out to be under £2 a tube) they are great.
  2. pyro mike

    pyro mike Peasant the 1st

    skyburst is brilliant. Had it 5 year ago..brilliant cake. Super powerful.