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West Midlands Festival Of Fireworks - Catton Hall 2016

Discussion in 'Local Summer Events' started by zephieish, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. zephieish

    zephieish Moderator Wizard

    Catton Hall
    Festival Of Fireworks
    Saturday 3rd September 2016
    Catton Hall,
    DE12 8LN
    Having been to this before, it's a brilliant evening with some fantastic displays from teams around the world.

    Tickets are £25 and are well worth it for a once a year thing. Also heard reports of some big shells being used!
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  2. Rich

    Rich Administrator Esquire the 1st

    I'll be working with Jubilee in this event. Can't wait!
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  3. gaz

    gaz Administrator Sovereign the 2nd

    Indeed you are Rich :) I cannot wait for pictures.
  4. Rich

    Rich Administrator Esquire the 1st

    Here are the first official images supplied to us by organiser and our sponsors Jubilee Fireworks.
    These are of display company Hamex Pirotehnika. They were also responsible for the manufacture of the 16" shells used on the night.
    Enjoy and more to follow in next few days.

    Hamex-1.jpg Hamex-2.jpg hamex-3.jpg hamex-4.jpg hamex-5.jpg Hamex-6.jpg
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