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2017 Wish Lists

Discussion in 'Fireworks Chat And Discussion' started by Somersetpyro, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    Unfortunately, our plans to buy from Galactic this year have been cut short, they've had some significant price rises and delivery charge increases, which has in essence priced us out of giving them our custom. It's a shame as they had some good value pieces and some i still want, but it's just not financially viable :( so it looks like it'll be Firework Crazy again this year, and soon too before they increase prices as well!
  2. Jezzadw

    Jezzadw Noble the 1st

    That's going to be the problem for lots this year. If you don't live near a retailer you could be spending 20 to 30 odd quid on delivery when it could be spent on fireworks. Hopefully being on here and us knowing a little about fireworks we can spot the sales when their on and get some good deals through the year and stash build this way. It's the one who only buy in Oct / Nov that will be stung the most with the new prices
  3. jimmywhizz

    jimmywhizz Peasant the 1st

    It's disappointing to see these price rises this early on. As someone who monitors their website frequently I too won't be heading there again this year unless there is a significant change. I'm interested to know what is behind this increase as the items that are already on sale will be in bulk stock already purchased? Is this just profiteering? I'm looking at another trip to Chorlton fireworks in the not too distant future as it's one of my nearest and very competitive. Glad I visited Galactic in January before price hike.
  4. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    I have to be honest, i do feel they have taken advantage of the rrp rises earlier than necessary. I only say this as no other company i've seen so far has increased prices, certainly not to the same extent. Seeing as the increases are down to Sterling/Dollar exchange rates affecting what goes on regarding buying in China, the costs should not have hit the UK yet, and shouldn't until shipping containers arrive on UK land in the summer. That's my outsiders perspective on it all anyway
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  5. Jezzadw

    Jezzadw Noble the 1st

    The FI Platinum box has a 20 quid price rise. Madness.
  6. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 3rd

    It is, some of them are silly really. At this stage i could understand maybe a 5-10% increase max. 25% is just silly before any new stock is even in the country. I wonder if any of the sponsors or other members who do retail would know any additional info? If nothing else just to make sure im not talking out of my Sugar! :D
    @Ghengis Fireworks @Neil... @Epic Fireworks @Fantastic fireworks North @Solihull Fireworks just a selection of people who could shed more of a light on things :)
  7. aquila

    aquila Peasant the 2nd

    This year I want Santa to deliver me a couple each of all the nice Celtic fireworks barrages.

    That should suffice.
  8. Neil...

    Neil... Peasant the 1st

    Some brands have put their prices up significantly, some not so.

    There are a few things to consider here, regarding price rises,

    1: As a retailer, once aware of 2017 prices, it is then their duty to advertise the products at the 'new price'. ( If not, the importers/ suppliers can get a little, erm, upset shall we say, and in some cases even refuse to supply said retailer)
    2: All fireworks available to buy currently, up until around August / September onwards, will have been purchased by the retailer last year at last years prices, so you could argue that there may be some profiteering going on. But, I would then refer back to point (1) above.
    3: The retailer may want to sell at 2016 prices, because they have stock purchased at 2016 prices. However, again refer to point (1).
    4: The cost of purchase for the retailer has also increased this year, and some retailers may actually think: If I sell this firework at £20.00 now, (2016 price with discount, as previously advertised for example) it may actually cost me more than that to buy in for 2017, so I can either withdraw that firework from sale, or put the price up to 2017 prices with immediate effect.
    5: Prices advertised on websites are also subject to change at any point, due to seasonal demand, line clearances, retailers discretion, special offers etc..

    Hope this helps with my perspective.
    Neil. :)
  9. Rich

    Rich Administrator Esquire the 1st


    Still some bartering to be had though I feel :rofl:

    If you don't ask you don't get is my motto
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