Essex Fireworks Saint Patrick’s Day Clear out 2016

Held on 17 March is a cultural and religious celebration to commemorate Saint Patrick, Where people dress up in green and party all day and night. and what better way to do this than with fireworks.

One of our Forum sponsors Essex Fireworks are having a crazy march clearout. So why, wait. here are some top offers.

Saint Patrick’s Day Firework Offers

All fireworks are subject to stock, offer ends 31st of march, Minimum orders of £100.

So here are the b.o.g.f Offers

fantasia ying yang 100 shot barrage £50 get 100 shot fantazia pure evil free
fantazia 25 shot 25 shot spinning jenny b.o.g.o f £25
fantazia blinking delight b.o.g.o.f £25
fantazia aces high 19 shot b.o.g.o.f £12
fantazia disco inferno 19 shot b.o.g,o,f £12
fantazia night time delight b.o.g.o.f £12

Sovereign Offers
colourful pearls 49 shot barrage x4 £12
king rockets x4 £30
queen wopper rockets x6 £35
match one rocket pack x12 rockets £18

Royal Party Fireworks Offers
plotters box £15
traitors box £22.50
treason box £40
fab 9 £30

If you are looking for more Essex firework offers you will need to sign up to the forum free and contact Essex fireworks (gary) for a full list of what are available.

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