ChristmasHub will be Launched Summer 2016

ChristmasHub, The tradition behind Christmas, search local Christmas markets and Christmas shops, from lights to Christmas trees.

If you have followed our Hallowhub and PyroHub app, you certainly would get a good idea what will be followed within this app.

ChristmasHub is everything festive, allowing you to favourite your preferred company and markets.

The Hub has a sponsored section so you can view who has supported the app during your browsing of the app.

This handy app has google maps to allow you to see in radios where all the listings are, it will allow you to search within a radius output, an extremely handy tool for planning.

A dedicated search page to allow you to narrow down to you local location, this tool works with you phone location so you can find while out and about.

News/offers page is an exciting page if you wish to follow ideas and find offers for Christmas, plus it is a little window into the festive world, see all know all.

Best of it all, a nice little weather page, this will allow you to see what temperature it currently is and what to expect in any location you are set.

review, star rate and much more, all you need is an account, sigh up through the app, or through facebook and or twitter. A very dynamic app for all your Christmas needs.