Let us be nice to Easter You are getting two days off work: When is Easter Sunday?

You may think oh, know it is easter, another chocolate rush, Well its easter who is letting you off, with two days off work.

Easter is a holiday that changes every year, Here is a dripping chocolate download to easter 2016.

If you have been following our seasonal forum you would probably know supermarkets are gearing up with easter eggs and they have been for months.

It is not surprising with eggs on sale from as early as Christmas. So what is the fuss and the info you need to know about easter.

When is Easter Sunday?
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When is Easter Sunday – 2016

Here are our saviour dates, if you follow the Christian calendar or not these dates are good to bookmark. Write them down on the fridge anywhere what’s going to remind you.

Good Friday: March 25th

Holy Saturday: March 26th

Easter Sunday: March 27th

Easter Monday: March 28th

What’s The Problem With Easter Changing dates Every Year?

Can be annoying right? unfortunately, it does not have a fixed date. unlike the rest of the UK holidays. it’s a pleasant burden just to eat chocolate on different times each year.

Cutting this entire religion complexity short. Easter will always fall between 22 March and 25 April.

Why do we eat hot cross buns for easter?

They are lush, yes and I could eat them all day. But according to the religion, they are a Good Friday tradition, As they represent the crucifixion of Christ.

What’s the deal with Chocolate Easter eggs?

Full of chocolate goodness, and you know you love them. Why have eggs them at easter it’s a money scam, a big massive omen, I am only kidding. folklore suggests the eggs symbolise new life and Jesus’ resurrection, standing for life’s victory over death.

I hope this brought some good fun to understanding easter and why you have 2 days off work. Remember a Christian holiday like easter can be fun and rewarding. remember to bob onto the seasonal forum and say hello.