Typo Of The Year 2019: The Results

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S-T Fireworks Guardian
Dec 16, 2013
For the final time this decade, we celebrate the great and good of the typo world across the forum! So the results are as follows:

In 3rd place is @Maddog with this rather worrying one
I was gonna lick them as I love the old novelty of a sonic fx
In 2nd place, @Firework madness with this double
Nice to see the cake has gone up in shits and so have the boxes as they took pices out last year
And the 2019 Typo of the Year award goes to....... @Pyrobrummie!
Dum mymum original will be louder then the ptonos and thunderbolts
And seeing a it's the start of the 2020's now, instead of the Somersetpyro special award, i'm going to award typo of the decade. No prizes for guessing who this goes to! The winner by a country mile is @BulletProofMum with this gem from last year. Apologies for reminding you of this ;)
Honestly I feel the need to go dogging for this right now
So that's it for this year and indeed the 2010s, thank you to everyone for their unintended entries this year and over the last 10 years :)