Typo Of The Year 2018: The Results

Sorry about the delay for the results, i've had a manic start to my year lol! But once again we celebrate the width and breath of typos on the forum in the last 12 months! So, In 3rd place is @Joe ciabatti with this:
FAB etc wouldn't have a leg to stay in

In 2nd place is @Maddog for this one, which sparked a forum hunt lol
i wont tell if u dong

And the 2018 winner of Typo of the Year goes to......... @BulletProofMum for, erm, whatever this is :ROFLMAO:
Honestly I feel the need to go dogging for this right now

And finally, the coveted Somersetpyro special award, which also goes to @BulletProofMum, we still didn't find out how many husbands you had ;)
And my husband's can rest assured it'll be all his brothers idea

So that's it for 2018, Many thanks to @Redkath4, @Gaz, @Vladster, @Firey Dave, @Dan12, @Pyrobrummie and the winners for the unintended entries, and I look forward to more cracking typos in the coming year! :D
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