Snow Watch 2019

Let us know if there's snow wherever you are in the world :) photos are of course very welcome! Nothing here in my little corner of the UK yet, knowing my luck the first sign will be when i'm trying to leave for work at half 6 tomorrow morning!
A very light sprinkling over Taunton this morning, plenty of ice though which made my commute quite fun lol. Expecting something more substantial tomorrow evening though, just hoping i'm still able to drive home!
It’s been snowing for nearly 6 hours here now, reckon we’re up to about 10cm and the forecast is for more snow till midday. Driving home from work was less than fun it has to be said lol
We want snow but it just isn't snowing around hear and the weather forecast has been for snow tue last couple of days


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We had a fairish bitnhere Thursday night. Enough to be a total pain in the Sugar! whether driving, bussing or walking. But not so much so as not close all schools (about half I think) or stop public transport. In other words that awkwar
It's only just all gone here, today's the first fully snowless day. And naturally it all melted and then it rained a lot last night, so it's switched to flooding now lol


Esquire the 3rd
We had a little sprinkling last Thursday which froze over for a couple of days but it's been a lot milder since. I don't think we've seen the last of the cold weather though :cool: