Morrison's Fireworks 2019

Last post for me about this topic on Morrison's section.

Think Tesco coming last. No value, he wasted like £20-£30 pounds there. Even looking at options I couldn't see any that were better.

You can tell he wasn't impressed and I don't blame him.
So its as I thought a sale pitch for epic.
You are wrong about that, we would have been doing a supermarket shootout without comparisons with EPIC.

The idea of having a supermarket shoot out came about a while back between a few friends and I that meet up regularly to test new and vintage fireworks.

If I recall correctly the idea (and this answers another of your previous comments) was floated around the time we did a Viper, Cosmic, Primed, Klasek, Hallmark shoot out last year (check youtube videos). Originally our budget was gonna be £60 across all supermarkets until we found out that Epic had donated a few selection packs that are around the £100 mark for a forum member to test.

These epic packs were donated for test firing independently and not against supermarket, but as we ad them the idea grew to a comparison between supermarket and specialist pyro. one of our group is adding a respective supermarket cake to the £60 pound packs to take the supermarket selections to approx. the £100 mark of the Epic packs.

Furthermore this isn't just a supermarket vs specialist shootout, it is an event where we will have a slot firing vintage pyro and also another where we will have a professionally fired CAT 3 display of bits and bobs we will all be contributing to, as well as a dj and food.