Latifs Fireworks offers

My point was that you’re asking me to research things for you when you can do it yourself from posts people have put up, from Latifs facebook and FK’s site if you want lots of details. I don’t have infinite latifs data at my fingertips. I happened to be in there for other reasons and snapped a few shots for some other friends.

What does “couldn’t tell the difference between a small compound to a big” actually mean?

Refrain away my friend.


Peasant the 2nd
I can tell you that both Rock N' Rolla and Dare To Scare are 1.4g compounds which consist of 3 pre-fused cakes. Each have a total combined NEC content of under 1000 grams which is unusual for a compound firework. Rock N' Rolla has approximately 920 grams NEC and Dare To Scare approximately 850 grams.