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I think we have found our new BBQ, really wouldn't mind the Rotisserie Kit. I am hoping we get this extension done sometime soon so we can catch it while the weather is good. If not, then Bonfire night it is. :p


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It's one of those big luxury LPG BBQ's with rear infra red burner for roasting meat joints and poultry on the rotisserie and side ring for cooking onions and accompaniments.

I bet if you change the regulator on the pipe to a 28mbar butane regulator you could quite easily run it on lower cost 12 / 13 and 15kg butane cylinders by Rose Gas / Calor / Flo Gas / Birmingham Auto Gas / Rix / Countrywide etc.

Butane gas is good for BBQ's in spring / summer and milder weather generally as it burns hotter and cleaner than propane (just a slight yellow tipping of the burner flames is present) and cooks food quicker too with its slightly higher heat output but it becomes useless around freezing though and isn't so suited to colder weather.
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We have a Butane one, and I can relate to that, I did try doing some burgers and sausages on mine, This was 2 nights before my last child was born, I can tell you it took longer than usual, They did taste ok though.


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This BBQ has a ceramic infra red searing burner : once lit, it shoots up to temperature fast and it quickly browns and sears steaks chops and burgers just the way you like them. Infra red heat is fast acting, rapid warming, and gets to bright red in seconds of ignition...I can eventually see a day when bottled gas BBQ's will be all infra red (they won't have flame tube burners to clog with juices and fat and will last even longer). Flame tube burners can clog with fat and juices producing a large yellow flame with soot and a lack of power, and need frequent cleaning to avoid eventual burner failure, with infra red, you just turn the ceramic plaque burners on high to burn off all the residue till the smoke and yellow flaring disappear, then wash the grids in hot soapy water.
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Got to be charcoal bbq for me, keep that authentic flavour.
Gotta admit I'm the same here, there's nothing like it when done right. That said, each to their own. If I went gas I could bbq as often as I liked without upsetting ppl... (I wish, shared garden) But just not for me. But, always good to share a find :)


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I don't like charcoal bbq's - the banes for me that put me off are

- the waiting for 20 to 30 mins for the charcoal to go grey,
- horrible smoke and frequent flareups,
- and having to keep refuelling it to keep it going (goes cool after a while if you're cooking for a large party or family),
- and they're messy horrible and bleedin'awful to clean.

I always prefer gas because it has so many benefits over charcoal,

- quick to connect,
- easy to ignite,
- better control of your heat,
- fewer flareups,
- less smoke,
- fast heat up time
- and far easier to clean - just turn up the burners to at the end of your cooking to burn off fat and debris for 15-20 mins until the smoke disppears and the yellow flaring from the lava rocks (if the bbq is fitted with them), cool and pop the drip tray, grids, flame tamers, and removeable metal parts in the dishwasher.
Gas fine for convenience. Can’t beat good charcoal though. I smoke a lot using kettle, drum and open fire at home. High grade lumpwood plus oak or I’ve got a stash of olive wood at the moment which is excellent too.