What's everyone using atm? I don't do tonnes of stuff on my laptop, but my current HP with an AMD A9 is suffering through age and a couple of over-powerful games, so i'm upgrading to an Asus Vivobook with an i5 and SSD, which will hopefully be a lot faster and more powerful! although I have fallen behind a bit when it comes to the latest stuff, so i'll be interested to see what meets everyone elses needs :)


Wizard the 3rd
Sounds good Somer! you'll definitely be pleased with switching to an ssd, i just recently changed the Hard drive in my laptop to an ssd and it's soo much faster :)
I also have a desktop that I mainly use, which i built around 5 years ago for gaming so it is a bit outdated now but can still run recent games at decent settings and is still very fast so don't see any reason upgrading :D


Esquire the 4th
I'm still using the gaming pc i bought from Ebay a few years ago, I don't game on it as i have the Xbox but for day to day tasks, it's perfect for what i need and it's lightning fast. Hopefully it does me a couple of more years (y)