St David’s Day Fireworks Offers 2016 March 1st

St David’s Day Wales patron saint, People traditional celebrate with food and drink, But You know what else would be a perfect addition to this day?

Fireworks, Yes Fireworks can be used in many other celebrations and not just Bonfire Night.

Here are our top fireworks for St David’s Day Tuesday, March 1st. Please keep in mind this would entitle you to visit a firework shop, and have extremely good fun asking questions and looking at all the pyro.

10: Heavy Duty, Epic Fireworks (£24.96)
The perfect firework for those on a lower budget, this cake fires a great variety of effects over its 1-minute duration.

9: Caged Panther Pro, Total FX (£64.99)
A big, max powder straight and fanned cake that fires massive loud bursts, with a great range of effects and colours.

8. Glimmer Glamour, Celtic Fireworks (£47.99)
This quick firing cake fires 100 big bursts of strobe effects of various colours including sea blue strobe, red strobe, green strobe, yellow strobe and white strobe stars.

7. Beat Thy Neighbour, Brothers Pyrotechnics (£79.99)
This brilliantly linked cake pack includes 3 top class brothers cakes; Crystal Flare, Diamond Princess and Roaring. What’s more, it’s category 2, which means it’s ideal for smaller gardens.

6. Firework Crazy, Brothers Pyrotechnics (£59.99)
This 100 shot cake contains a massive variety of effects and is sure to liven up any St Davids day celebrations.

5. Sky Thriller rocket, Epic Fireworks (£14.95)
Easily one of the best big rockets on the market, Sky Thriller produces a massive brocade crown that’s ideal to cap off any display in grand style.

4. Big Daddy, Celtic Fireworks (£79.99)
A superb 98 shot, 1.3g cake that fires it effects in straight, V and Z formations, and is sure to impress.

3. Epic In Motion, Epic Fireworks (£89.95)
A max bore, max volume cake that fires in Straight and V formations. This is Epics souped up version of the amazing original Hercules by brothers.

2. 70 shot Diamonds, Royal Party Fireworks (£89.99)
Possibly the best single firework currently on the market, this massive, max bore cake fires 70 of the biggest shots you’ll ever see in a consumer cake.

1. Maximum Showtime 2, Brothers Pyrotechnics (£149.99)
Another of Brothers’ linked cake packs, this kit contains 3 stunning cakes that will undoubtedly wow any audience. And because there’s only 1 fuse to light, you can enjoy this amazing spectacle as well.

*Disclaimer: We Have linked to external websites throughout, please read their terms and conditions before signing up to anything as we cannot be held responsible once you leave our website. If you are unsure, please contact us and ask. Always follow the fireworks code at all times.

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