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  1. GreatMarko

    Ghengis Fireworks £500 Competition!!

    I couldn't not post a stash photo... :D
  2. GreatMarko

    Ghengis Fireworks £500 Competition!!

    Wow!! Thanks everyone! What an amazing and unexpected Christmas present! :D
  3. GreatMarko

    What to do if your fireworks that you have purchased are faulty damaged or broken

    A couple of other tips to consider when initially purchasing your fireworks to minimise the financial loss if they don't fully fire & you can't get a refund: Consider buying numerous smaller cakes rather than a single "big" expensive "display in a box" one. I generally don't spend more than...
  4. GreatMarko

    Celtic Fireworks Glacier Rising

    Yeah, @exeterpyro's video is closer to the height of the one I had last year, which seemed a lot lower in height than the original video at the top of this thread from 2015 indicated. Still a good fountain - nice and bright with good duration, but I was a little disappointed by the height when...
  5. GreatMarko

    Celtic Fireworks Celtic 6 Pack

    Interestingly, Kimbolton's labeling is clearer - For example: ....and then on the other side of the firework: So that's certainly clearer than Celtic's labeling, but it's still frustrating that retailers don't make you aware of this before purchasing! I purchased the above item this year on...
  6. GreatMarko

    Celtic Fireworks Celtic 6 Pack

    I contacted Celtic on this very issue last year! I asked why a number of Celtic items I'd purchased all stated them as being Cat F2 with an 8m safety distance on their textual labels, yet the safety "icons" on each item contradicted this, and indicated a 25m safety distance? The response I had...
  7. GreatMarko

    The Range Fireworks 2018

    I asked in a Range store a couple of years ago how often they restocked, and was told that in the run up to Bonfire night they re-stock twice a week, on a Wednesday and Saturday - but again, that might have just been that particular store.
  8. GreatMarko

    Smokin aces by bright star - anyone tried them?

    For the same price you could get five packs of 5 Calypso Pearl candles - individually, not all that impressive, but 25 of them firing together would look pretty decent!
  9. GreatMarko

    Which fountain should i buy?

    Supermarket fountains aren't great this year, but for a £10 budget, I'd probably go for either; x1 Unicorn Fountain (Asda), or x2 Enchanted Fountains (Asda), or x2 Pumpkin Fountains (Morrisons), or x2 Packs of 4 Charming Cascades Fountains (Morrisons)
  10. GreatMarko

    Gordale Garden Centre

    Also the guy serving was excellent - really knowledgeable. He also told me that they stock all year round (although they don't have the same range as they do at this time of year). He did say that they test all the fireworks they stock, and do a little display for their own staff each year, so...
  11. GreatMarko

    Gordale Garden Centre

    Also took some photos of their cabinets (they had at least six standard cabinets and two big rocket cabinets, all very well stocked).. sorry about the reflections - didn't help there was a glass roof above!
  12. GreatMarko

    Gordale Garden Centre

    I can highly recommend Gordale! Following @Dan12 posts here, I decided to pay them a visit today, as I was mainly need of some decent Cat 2 fountains for the front of a small but wide display I'm doing this year (and supermarket fountains are just not doing it for me this year!). Anway, came...
  13. GreatMarko

    Morrisons fireworks 2018

    Did I miss this?! :confused:
  14. GreatMarko

    Homebase fireworks 2018

    Just popped into a large Homebase to check - no sign of fireworks
  15. GreatMarko

    Chestnut Trading Website- 5 firework brands

    Scorpion were the brand stocked for the last few years by Poundland - admittedly they only sold sparklers and the Mystic fountain - but for a quid, it was one of the best supermarket fountains out there!
  16. GreatMarko

    Morrisons fireworks 2018

    Anyone got a video of the Charming Cascades Fountains 4 pack in action?
  17. GreatMarko

    The Range Fireworks 2018

    I've been on to their Customer Service today to try to obtain an updated list of store types, as this previous list is pretty outdated now, with many newer stores not included. Customer Service were less than helpful, saying "Unfortunately, this is internal business information that we would...
  18. GreatMarko

    Pyro-Related Purchases

    My local B&M store has an outdoor garden centre bit - stakes are ridiculously cheap! i.e. 3cm x 3cm x 1.5m stakes are like a quid!
  19. GreatMarko

    Morrisons fireworks 2018

    Yes, just a shame the 1kg label doesn't refer to its NEC ;)