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  1. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Aldi fireworks 2019

    Mod Edit: 2019 Catalogue / Leaflet(s) added to first post. (Thanks to south yorkshire & Maddog for providing the images.) --- Thought I’d start this thread off as nobody else has yet. Expecting TNT as usual from Aldi with roughly the same range and 2 or 3 new items added in.
  2. Kamran saeed dabaei

    TNT Fireworks Air assault rockets

    Found a video from last year of someone setting them off
  3. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Sainsbury’s fireworks 2018

    Just thought I’d start the thread up since nobody else has made one for Sainsbury’s this year. Any info on their stock for this year? I’m guessing it’ll most likely be standard again with some repackaged items.
  4. Kamran saeed dabaei

    What Should I Get

    Hey everybody :). I have £60 left over to spent on supermarkets. hoping for some advice on what to get. my options are Teco Lidl and Aldi.
  5. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Lidl Dalry Road Fireworks 2015

    Cabinet with a firework poster in it and a mention of the 3 for £20 deal in their leaflet
  6. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Sainsbury's Blackhall Fireworks 2015

    Nothing firework related at all. Probably won't be until Thursday
  7. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Wonderland Models Fireworks 2014

    It's a small model shop in edinburgh they stock the brighttsar and esco range every year from the 17th of October and new year from 27th to 31st of December
  8. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Homebase Fireworks 2014 they are just selling some standard stuff this year overpriced as usual
  9. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Tesco Corstorphine Extra Fireworks 2014

    No sighn of any fireworks no cabinets no posters or leaflets
  10. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Asda Chesser Store Fireworks 2014

    Nothing to do with fireworks on display but spoke to customer service they said the leaflets will be available when the fireworks come on the 15th and that the fireworks arrived in this morning
  11. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Local Sainsburys Fireworks 2014

    No cabinets or leaflets just a poster on the door and were the fireworks cabinet normally is saying fireworks 15th of October. I asked customer service who just said fireworks will be in sale on the 15th and leaflets will be available then
  12. Kamran saeed dabaei

    Hi From Edinburgh

    Hey guys I'm jabari I'm form iran but moved to edinburgh