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  1. Fazer

    Weco fireworks

    Thought I would start a general discussion on weco as I think this deserves its own thread (please merge if there already is one!) Weco's uk financial accounts were published in August. Seems to me that Lidl decided against renewing the Weco contract just like they did a few years ago. However...
  2. Fazer

    Jacks fireworks?

    So as some of you may have seen in the news recently, Tesco have launched a new range of stores called jacks to compete with Aldi and Lidl. Might be early for them to stock fireworks due to licensing but they are new supermarket to keep an eye on in the future! Maybe they will go for a British...
  3. Fazer

    Matalan Christmas 2018

    Matalan just launched their online Christmas page for this year! Also have stuff starting to appear instore. Time to put the tree up I think! :merryxmas:xmastreesparkle
  4. Fazer

    Snow Watch 2017

    Thought I would get this thread started up again :). It’s been snowing here on and off for most of the day and got quite heavy at times with more forecasted overnight. An early snowfall is definitely promising considering it’s still autum and temperatures are also below average for this time of...
  5. Fazer

    Stocking Filler Ideas

    Post any stocking filler deals or ideas here! Just saw this on HUKD and thought it could be a good laugh :D...
  6. Fazer

    Asda Fireworks 2017

    TNT again for this year. Hopefully we will see some new stuff. As the shot tubes are cheaper in Lidl and the pumpkin fountain is unlikely to return, I will probably give them a miss this year unless they pull something new out the bag. It can be hard though to resist picking up a selection box...
  7. Fazer

    Event: Hull City Of Culture Fireworks Display

    Im really hoping too get tickets for this! Only a 30 minute drive away. Its being fired by the same people that do the London new years fireworks and the 2012 Olympics. :)
  8. Fazer

    Weco Fireworks Online Store

    Ok guys I have some great news that some of you will be very happy to hear. WECO are going to be opening a online fireworks store in the UK! I dont have much info at the minuet but im sure that all will be revealed very soon. EDIT: I think this thread needs moving to fireworks discussion ;)
  9. Fazer

    Asda Fireworks 2016

    What are we all thinking will happen this year? o_O They will most probably be stocking TNT again but you never know! Epic are now stocking the Pumpkin fountain so maybe we will get a new line this year? MOD UPDATE: Thanks to @Mark Gliddon for the Asda...
  10. Fazer

    Tesco Christmas And New Year Opening Times 2015

    Here are the opening times for Tesco over Christmas and New year. :) Be sure to check your local stores opening times on there website as times may vary for different stores. Tesco store locator and opening times
  11. Fazer

    Asda Christmas And New Year Opening Times 2015

    Here are the opening times for Asda over Christmas and new year. Some stores may be slightly different but I think the majority should be the same. Check your local store here: Asda Store Locator
  12. Fazer

    Weather Watch 2015

    Its not looking good for the people firing tonight. Lots of rain moving in over the afternoon into the evening. It will also be quite windy in the south too. Here is the radar for tonight. Friday and Saturday looks much dryer and I will update the radar this evening.
  13. Fazer

    Back To The Past!

    See what I did there? ;) If you could bring one firework back from the past which would it be? It can be something that might not be in production anymore. Maybe something that is still being made but you would much prefer to have the old spec version? Share below! :)
  14. Fazer

    Supermarket Fireworks Brands 2004-present

    I made this a few weeks ago when I was bored and I thought I would share it here for those interested. There may be 1 or 2 mistakes but if anyone spots one or can fill in any gaps then please let me know and I will update it. :) Edit: Did morrisons have any Astra branded stuff between 2004-2008?
  15. Fazer

    Christmas Food And Drink Bargains 2015

    I wasn't sure in which section to put this thread so I put it here. Post any bargains you have found to do with food and drink. I will kick start the thread off! Tesco are selling these online for £3 but in store they are scanning at just £1.50 instore. an absolute steal at that price. They...
  16. Fazer

    Benwell Fireworks Space Wars

    80 shots Approximately 40 seconds 25 metre safety distance Very loud! £49.99 from Jordans Fireworks
  17. Fazer

    Christmas Word Game

    I saw this on another forum and thought it looked quite fun! The aim of the game is that the first person will say a word, the second will state another word beginning with the last letter in the 1st word and so on. Example: 1st person: Christmas 2nd person: Santa 3rd person: Angel and so on...
  18. Fazer

    Home Style Outlet Fireworks 2014

    I only found this place a couple of days ago. This is a great place if you are in the Lincolnshire area. I will hopefully be going next week. Sorry, the pictures are in a random order. Address: Home Style Outlet, Burgh Road Trading Estate, Skegness, PE24 4UF Phone Number: 01754 762875 Opening...
  19. Fazer

    Tesco Stalybridge Superstore Fireworks 2014

    Address: Trinity Street Stalybridge Cheshire SK15 2BJ England Phone: 0345 6779634 If you have seen or bought fireworks from Stalybridge Superstore, Please let us know. Post any in-store offers or personal selections.
  20. Fazer

    Tesco Sale Superstore Fireworks 2014

    Address: Hereford Street Sale Cheshire M33 7XN England Phone: 0345 6779601 If you have seen or bought fireworks from Sale Superstore , Please let us know. Post any in-store offers or personal selections.