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  1. Duskyfuse

    Firework purchases 2020

    Following a recent trip to Epic Fireworks my stash videos continue with lots more to follow shortly.
  2. Duskyfuse

    Strobe rockets

    I have seen strobe rockets without the salute burst however that said the strobe rockets wouldn’t past CE testing without some changes. HSE wouldn’t like the fact they drop before bursting.
  3. Duskyfuse

    New 2020 fireworks.

    Here is a link to my latest 2020 catalogue review, this time from Hallmark Fireworks. The company have a lot of new items this year including Smoke Flares, Barrage packs, Rockets, Cakes and Compounds. A few items such as Roar and the Saturn 5 rockets now seem discontinued.
  4. Duskyfuse

    Will fireworks this year be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic?

    Large organised firework displays shall be affected hugely and we can expect a significant drop in public shows. I am also of the belief that home displays should peak this year as a result.
  5. Duskyfuse

    When this lockdown is finished!

    What have you got your eye on?
  6. Duskyfuse

    Primed Pyrotechnics Elements Barrage Pack

    A detailed look at the 'Elements' barrage pack from Primed Pyrotechnics. The box contains 4 large 25 shot cakes and each has a 25mm bore. Barrages include Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Total NEC count 1276g
  7. Duskyfuse

    Firework purchases 2020

    I agree. As mentioned in my video I don't think that any other rocket of the same proportion and weight can rival Celtic's Insanity rockets.
  8. Duskyfuse

    Firework purchases 2020

    I hope that everyone is keeping well. Here's another video from me which showcases part 3 of this years firework stash.
  9. Duskyfuse

    Epic Fireworks Echo Bombs (Paramount)

    In this video I applaud our NHS workers, frontline heroes and key workers during a nationwide and weekly 'clap for our carers'. In order to make some noise I fire what I believe to be some of the loudest rockets available within the UK. The Epic/Paramount Echo Bombs didn't disappoint and gave a...
  10. Duskyfuse

    Firework purchases 2020

    In this video I discuss a few of my latest purchases.
  11. Duskyfuse

    New 2020 fireworks.

    I have to agree. It's clear to see that no corners have been cut with these pieces and they feature some very nice uncommon effect types.
  12. Duskyfuse

    Any Firework Related Questions

    That's by far the best of the bunch, I wouldn't think twice! It's a really powerful piece and is getting increasingly harder to find.
  13. Duskyfuse

    New 2020 fireworks.

    Chestnut Trading have two new 1.3g compound cakes this year. What are peoples thoughts on them?
  14. Duskyfuse

    Any Firework Related Questions

    Mars, Galactic or Benwell?
  15. Duskyfuse

    Firework king Super Shooter

    In this video we fire a 1.3g Super Shooter Roman Candle by Firework King. The 8 shot candle benefits from a 30mm bore and gave enormous bursts which really filled the sky. These candles are sold in a packet of three and each gives different effects providing excellent variation. NEC count 105.6g.
  16. Duskyfuse

    TNT Fireworks Ultimate Power Barrage Pack

    A detailed look at the 'Ultimate Power' barrage pack by TNT. The box includes a 48 shot Color Pearl Flowers comet cake, Large Comet Bomb shot tube, 2 60 shot Colour Vortex roman candle batteries, 2 6 shot Party Time micro-cakes, 10 shot Infra-Red Attack shot tube, 19 shot Sky Bonanza barrage and...
  17. Duskyfuse

    TNT Fireworks 100 Shot Plasmic Attack

    In this video I once again applaud our NHS workers, frontline heroes and key workers by lighting a 100 shot Plasmic Attack saturn missile battery from TNT Fireworks. The cake gave a good sound and was ideal for this purpose giving lots of volume but little in terms of visual effects. NEC count 60g.
  18. Duskyfuse

    Celtic Fireworks Celtic 6 Pack Barrage Box

    A detailed look at the 'Celtic 6 Pack' barrage box from Celtic Fireworks. The box contains 6 16 shot cakes and each has a 20mm bore. Barrages include Boudica, Druid's Brew, Iron Age Sky, Celtic, 600 B.C. and Bronze Age Nights. Total NEC count 696g
  19. Duskyfuse

    Jonathan's Fireworks Star Blasters

    In this video we test-fire a packet of 1.3g Star Blaster rockets from Jonathan's Fireworks. Although the rockets had a lower NEC count than the conventional 'Hawk' type rocket it was felt that these performed superbly for their size and they certainly pack an impressive punch! NEC count 40g per...
  20. Duskyfuse

    Any Firework Related Questions

    Personally I don't think you can beat Primed's Full House in terms of performance versus price.