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  1. Fazer

    2019 Coutdown

    25 days to go! :merryxmas
  2. Fazer

    The Range Fireworks 2019

    Went into the range today for a party box. Pretty much everything was sold out by 12pm apart from a few of the more expensive cakes. The 1.3g rockets were all gone too so hopefully they will sell them in more stores next year :)
  3. Fazer

    Happy bonfire night everyone

    Happy GFN. Hope you all have fun and stay safe!!!
  4. Fazer


    Im also seeing The Script next year! And this morning I just got tickets to see OneRepublic at an intimate show in London. Cant wait! :)
  5. Fazer


    Hey! Welcome to the forum :it works
  6. Fazer

    Morrison's Fireworks 2019

    Morrison's fireworks for 2019 PRODUCT NAME DESCRIPTION Demon Display Pack Display Pack 3 Items - 30pcs Viper Display Pack Display Pack 5 Items - 40pcs Olympian Display Pack Display Pack 7 Items - 50pcs Nitro Selection Box Selection Box 15pcs Mega Sparklers 10inch 5 Pack Sparklers 10inch 5 Pack...
  7. Fazer

    Aldi fireworks 2019

    A preview of what Aldi are selling this year is now on their website. I spy a £60 TNT selection box :ROFLMAO:
  8. Fazer

    Lidl fireworks 2019

    Meh. Bring back Weco! I'll probably pick up some shot tubes and maybe the visage. Think im going to do an online order this year tbh
  9. Fazer

    Asda Fireworks 2019

    Videos are on the TNT website :)
  10. Fazer


    Went to the One Love Manchester concert back in 2017 which was brilliant! Saw Nightwish back in December and tomorrow I’m heading down to Wembley to see Bon Jovi. Would have liked to have seen Bastille later this year but OneRepublic will probably be releasing dates soon for their upcoming...
  11. Fazer

    Christmas Adverts 2018

    John Lewis advert is rumoured to air this Thursday :)
  12. Fazer

    Newbie Christmas lover

    Welcome! :rudolf
  13. Fazer

    BBC Four tonight - Fireworks For A Tudor Wedding

    Did anybody watch this on tv a couple night ago? They show how they created fireworks in Tudor times and the different techniques they used. They also recreate one of the first documented firework displays in england from 1575. Really enjoyed it and I recommend this to any pyro lover! Nice to...
  14. Fazer

    Fireworks you have fired/tested tonight

    Fired the majority of our stuff tonight. Absolutely loved it! Attracted a bit of a crowd too and an applause from a children's party across the road that came to watch :LOL:. Everything went well. Perfect weather. 0 misfires. Stuffed from the food. Time to crack open some alcohol! :devilish:
  15. Fazer

    Bonfire Night Weather 2018

    Firing most of our stuff tonight and a few smaller bits tomorrow. Quite gusty last night but seems to have died down a fair bit