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Somerset Staplegrove Scouts - Saturday 5th November

Discussion in 'Local Autumn Events' started by Somersetpyro, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Somersetpyro

    Somersetpyro Sovereign the 2nd

    Manor Road
    TA2 6AP


    Adults £5.00
    Children £3.00
    Under 5's FREE

    Gates Open- 18:00
    Bonfire Lit- 19:00
    Fireworks- 19:30

    As this is the scouts main source of funds every year, it'd be great if you were in the local area if you could pop down, they always pull off a big display there, it's fired by Firemagic UK :) there's loads more info on the website, for parking etc (which is free), and a video of last years display. It's also great to see a display that has a designated sparkler area :)
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