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Asda fireworks 2013

Discussion in 'Supermarket & Warehouse Fireworks' started by gaz, Aug 6, 2013.

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  1. gaz

    gaz Administrator Staff Member

    Dates have been confirmed, Asda will be putting their fireworks out in stores the 1st week of October, No information given as yet on what brand they are selling But you can bet it's TNT! ;)

    To further this confirmed date i got this after asking what brand they will be selling.

    It is interesting, they could be changing brands, weco lol or something else....??

    Move to side guys! Here comes Asda!

    6M45Hc1.jpg HnmVsze.jpg mF2w1L9.jpg

    What is interesting is that there is no mention of the two special offers (Sonic Blast £6 and Lightning Force £10), maybe I was lucky to be able to pick them up when I did :D

    Credit for the leaflet goes to the user "Polar" at UKFR, - thanks to c1gar ;)

    Fireworks Bone Breaker - Price:£120.00
    Fireworks Multi Blast Pack - Price: £125.00
    Fireworks Eye Of The Storm - Price: £100.00
    Fireworks Mystic Deal - Price: £50.00
    Fireworks Apocalyptic Warrior - Price:£110.00
    Fireworks Premier Party Pack - Price: £140.00
    Fireworks Blazing Skies - Price: £60.00
    Fireworks Ultimate Aerial Party Pack - Price:£170.00
    Fireworks Big Blast Champion Display Pack - Price: £300.00
    Fireworks King Of Kings Ultimate Display Pack - Price:£500.00
    Fireworks Black Jaguar Ultimate display pack - Price: £80.00
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  2. Fazer

    Fazer Staff Member

    I was thinking of emailing different supermarkets/shops. Have you tried any others?
  3. gaz

    gaz Administrator Staff Member

    Yes our good friend Rich as done most of them but nothibg as yet. You could always try more the better to be honest :)
  4. Fazer

    Fazer Staff Member

    Ok I will send some Emails out and report back here if I get a reply.
  5. gaz

    gaz Administrator Staff Member

    Ok cool. Thanks ;)
  6. gaz

    gaz Administrator Staff Member

    OMG not long to go now :D
  7. ravon

    ravon Peasant the 2nd

    i wonder if Asda will do pumpkin fountain this year,. I liked that
  8. Maddog

    Maddog Staff Member

    From what ive been told by sources it may depend on atore size this year
  9. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member

    It was a top seller last year for asda ravon so their buyer will seriously fail if he is sticking with tnt and fails to include it lol
  10. ravon

    ravon Peasant the 2nd

    lol Rich, i hope so.... They are good :D
  11. jackstanley

    jackstanley Peasant the 2nd

    My aunt work's at asda and she said that they may be selling tnt the same range as 2012
  12. Darkcake12

    Darkcake12 Guest

    wait areddd they stocking the same items as last year or just the same brand
  13. gaz

    gaz Administrator Staff Member

    They could be changing brands, customers service said in an email they are not allowed to say what brand they are selling. But that in my eyes could be a hype from them.... We will know sooner or later
  14. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member

    Spoken to my usually reliable asda source today who said he is fairly sure it will remain tnt in all stores. He was in attendance at a management training seminar recently and spied some tnt point of sale promo.
  15. Wonder if all supermarkets try to keep what they selling ,and the prices secret as long as possible ,so they can fix their pricing and offers in hope of outdoing the others ,, or something like that anyway.
  16. Vladster

    Vladster Baronet the 2nd

    I cant see me buying much from Asda if I'm being honest unless they come out with something that looks really good but I'm not holding my breath...it will most probably be some sparklers and some of them shot tubes if they have them again.
  17. gaz

    gaz Administrator Staff Member

    I agree with that Vladster, might buy something cheap just to say I bought something...
  18. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member

    Ok I have asda news. My reliable source has confirmed that it is indeed tnt this year and some shops have already taken delivery of some items. The promo material is in transit to all firework stockists.

    I will gain a full list of what is available v soon but can confirm that it looks like the pumpkin fountain makes its return. (TNT boxes with the word Pumpkin on the label have been seen)
  19. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member

    Asda stock list. Sorry no prices yet.
    Star struck,
    Fire mission,
    Pumpkin fountain,
    Cosmic diamonds,
    Neutron star,
    Deep space
    Dragon heads
  20. gaz

    gaz Administrator Staff Member

    Ha-ha nice one mate!
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