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aldi fireworks 2013

Discussion in 'Supermarket & Warehouse Fireworks' started by jackstanley, Sep 24, 2013.

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  1. jackstanley

    jackstanley Peasant the 2nd

    Aldi Fireworks on sale from 15th October, Selling TNT fireworks, Price seem same as last year, But Pricewatch will be updated. for true calculations.

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  2. gaz

    gaz Administrator Staff Member

    Nothing yet jack..... but it will not be long from now before we all know :)
  3. Fazer

    Fazer Staff Member

    I think it will be TNT again this year but I could be wrong :)
  4. Pyrotechnic

    Pyrotechnic Baronet the1st

    In the past Aldi used to stock Weco. They have been with TNT for the past few years though, maybe they'll revert back to Weco (fingers crossed). Their range was good, Blockbuster cake, pack of 30 good rockets, cake selection box, Fire pack, Cyber bag, and a smaller individual cake. Along with 1970s sparklers.
  5. AnthonyUKpyro

    AnthonyUKpyro Noble the 2nd

    As much as we might want it I think Aldi will stick mainly to TNT. Lidl, being german on the other hand, has probably got an exclusive deal with Weco Pyrotecknik GmBh Eitorf Germany to supply them with Weco Feuerwerk products for the UK market. :)
  6. jackstanley

    jackstanley Peasant the 2nd

    Still waiting for a reply from customer service :mad:
  7. Fazer

    Fazer Staff Member

    I emailed them a few weeks ago and I couldn't get anything out of them. They normally advertise their fireworks around now so keep a look out on there website :).
  8. Darkcake12

    Darkcake12 Guest

    Aldi normally bring something that is along the lines of the year before so I hope they will do something new this year and if anyone has a leaflet please post an image
  9. They will all soon be on there website :rolleyes::rolleyes:;);)
  10. PyroBoris

    PyroBoris Peasant the 2nd

    Hey Ant, I think Aldi is German as well!

  11. AnthonyUKpyro

    AnthonyUKpyro Noble the 2nd

    The German, Central and Western European Aldi stores tend to stock Weco fireworks for New Year's Eve mainly. Aldi stores in the United Kingdom for Nov 5 tend to have the poor man's firework brand TNT which is rather variable;some pieces are pretty good, but at the same time many are not quite so good.

    I think Lidl in the UK seem to bagged the rights to sell Weco Feuerwerk products here which is why you are seeing them every year in Lidl UK stores only. :)
  12. Maddog

    Maddog Staff Member

    There brouchure will be in store next week stock week after
  13. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member

  14. jackstanley

    jackstanley Peasant the 2nd

    Thanks :)
  15. Darkcake12

    Darkcake12 Guest

    Anyone have a leaflet
  16. just1boronut

    just1boronut Peasant the 1st

    I got a large pack of tnt rockets last year (impulse buy) they were mediocre at best think I paid £20-30 ????
    could have got something decent for that
  17. Darkcake12

    Darkcake12 Guest

    Absouloutly outrages this is what aldi said to me on fb Hi is there any info on when the fireworks wtill be online aldis reply Hi Kamran,
    Our firework range will be available online soon, so please keep checking back.
    Aldi UK Facebook Team my reply Is there a date aldis reply Hi Kamran, please keep checking back! Thanks, Aldi UK Facebook Team.
  18. jackstanley

    jackstanley Peasant the 2nd

    Not impressed whit ther range ther is no sliver lynx selection box some good prices

  19. jay

    jay Noble the 1st

    why are they saying star rider rockets are new? they stocked them in 2011 but for £2 less
  20. gaz

    gaz Administrator Staff Member

    Oh so they updated as well
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